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EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Live Mice and Organs Live Mice and Organs
EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Live Rats, Mice, Organs Live Rats, Mice, and Organs
3 in 1 EchoMRI™ Full View Body Composition Analysis for Live Mice, Organs, Biopsy 3-in-1 for Live Mice, Organs, and Biopsies
4 in 1 EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Rats, Mice, Organs, Biopsy 4-in-1 for Live Rats and Mice, Organs and Biopsies
EchoMRI Body Composition Analyzer for Humans Humans: Adult, Child, Infant
Custom Built Systems

EchoMRI™-100H and EchoMRI™-130
Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Mice) and Organs

EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Live Mice and Organs  

The EchoMRI™-100H, and EchoMRI™-130 Analyzers deliver precise body composition measurements of fat, lean, free water, and total water masses in live animals weighing up to 100 or 130 grams respectively.

Scanning takes 0.5 – 3.2 minutes, depending on the precision options.

If additional hardware insert is purchased, composition of smaller samples of animal organs or tissues weighing up to 7g can be measured with enhanced precision.

The live animals need no anesthesia and no special preparation before measurement.

EchoMRI™ Analyzers are exceedingly easy to operate. A training period of one hour is sufficient for individuals without prior knowledge.

Numeric results are stored and can be viewed again later at any time, as well as extracted either into Excel and ASCII files or into Access database.

The EchoMRI™-100H and EchoMRI™-130 Analyzers are stand-alone units, on 4 casters for easy relocation. They use standard power sources, and are completely shielded and safe to run.

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Product Specifications EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Mice and Organs
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EchoMRI™-100H Body Composition Analyzer
Product Specifications
(Basic Model)
Mice 2MHz Body Composition
Dimensions: 24"W x 32"D x 49"H / 61cm x 80cm x 125cm
Weight: Approximately 495lbs / 225Kg
Instrument power: 1 outlet at 115/230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 500 W, 8A/4.5A
Shielding: The 5-Gauss magnetic field is fully contained inside the rack with two exceptions: a 9”-radius hemisphere protruding from the rack at the bore opening and a similar hemisphere directly opposite to the bore opening.
Max Sample Mass: 100 grams
Holders: 3 animal holders of custom-defined sizes, typically 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 grams. Additional holders are available.
Mobility: Single-body system on 4 casters for easy relocation
Warm-up Time: 5 - 10 minutes after turning power on
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional
User Input: Keyboard, mouse, and ASCII files
User Output: Monitor and files: ASCII, Excel, Access
Communication Ports: 2 USB / 1 RJ45 CAT-5 10/100Mb network card
Monitor: 17" LCD flat screen
Measuring time: 0.5 - 3.2 minutes, depending on the precision option
Calibration: Not required after installation
Records: Automatic save in file system and database
Measured: The whole body masses of Fat, Lean, Free Water, and Total Water
Other Max Sample Mass Options
130 grams: Typical choices of holder sizes are 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 130 grams.
Extra Precision Options
A10: Samples up to 7 grams. Alternative antenna insert.
Enhanced Precision for Smaller Samples:
Product Specifications EchoMRI™ Precision Hardware
Description: Additional antenna/sensor insert. Dedicated system test sample and holders
Range: Samples up to 7 grams
Compatibility: EchoMRI™-100/130
Dimensions: Cylinder 2"OD x 21"L / 50.8mm x 533.4mm
Weight: Approximately 5lbs / 2.3Kg
Holders: Sample holder 0.266"ID x 1"L / 6.8mm x 25.4mm